Twinset Primer

You don't need to be a GUE diver to do a twinset primer. If you are interested in Twinset diving, or have just purchased a twinset and want to short cut the learning process, then a day with us will get you off to a flying start. We even lend you all the gear so you can make up your mind before you buy anything.


We'll explain the differences between single cylinder and twinset diving, and give you the in-water skills to dive with confidence. We'll look at everything from buoyancy control to gas management


There are lots of ways to setup a twinset. Each configuration has advantages and disadvantages. We'll discuss them all, explain GUE's approach, and then help you to tweak or set up your own twinset


A twinset gives you options if you can take advantage of them. We can look at every aspect that might be causing you to struggle with reaching your valvles: from equipment to trim and technique.  

Sample image
The instructor's twinset ready to go


Sample image
Practicing a valve drill on dry land


Sample image
Discussing the dive before heading back down.


What's the twinset primer all about then

Let's face it, a twinset is an expensive investment. There are different types, different configurations, even different colours. On the twinset primer, we sit down and discuss all the options. There's no hard sell because we don't sell gear, so we can give you all the pros and cons without bias. We'll talk about the options a twinset gives you in terms of redundancy and safety, and we'll talk about strategies for managing gas and handling unpleasant situations. Once we're done talking we'll check out your gear. If you have a twinset we will offer advice on how to set it up and configure it. If you don't you can just borrow one of ours. We'll make sure it's set up properly and your harness is fitted correctly. We'll talk about how to manage trim and buoyancy whilst diving a twinset. We'll talk about reaching your valves and give you all the help you need to do so. 

Then we get in the water. We work on your trim, your buoyancy control. We practice handling out of gas situations, managing ascents and descents. By the end of the day we turn you into a confident, knowledgeable and more skilled diver. Of course, you could learn all of this stuff yourself on the internet. We just make it happen a lot faster.

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Who are GUE?

Founded by divers who push boundaries in exploration, underwater research & diver education; GUE created the first global diving club. We simply shake hands and go diving.

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  • Gareth coached me to the point that I finally believed I wasn't going to actually kill myself under water!
  • I've had both GUE training and individual coaching from Garf and Imogen. Faultless, the pair of them. Professional, patient top class divers and educators. Sign up, you won't regret it.
  • You both helped me so much - not just in terms of making me an AWESOME diver....I am now able to pursue my love and passion of underwater photography
  • I found Gareth an extremely passionate instructor - his attention to detail was simply awe inspiring.
  • I have had the pleasure of taking both GUE fundamentals and individual coaching with Gareth...The transformation in my diving, particularly management of ascents, has been incredible
  • Gareths patience, passion, energy and 'third all seeing eye' is absolutely key to creating some very competent and happy divers.