Who Are DiveDIR?

Passionate Divers. Adventurers. Explorers. Educators.
We are all these things. 

Our Team

DiveDIR is made up by three like-minded diving friends. Not only do we love diving, we have a share a strong belief that divers should feel safe and confident in every part of their dive.

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Gareth Burrows (Garf)


Gareth Burrows

GUE Instructor Trainer

Gareth has been a GUE diver since 2005, and founded DiveDIR in 2010 after becoming a GUE Fundamentals Instructor. His love of teaching led him to be invited to train other instructors by GUE, and he is now one of only two Instructor Trainers based in the UK. He obtained his GUE Tech2 qualification in 2008 and is undertaking Cave1 in September this year. Gareth is currently a Tech1 Instructor Intern and is looking forward to rising to the challenge of becoming a Tech1 instructor. Contrary to expectations as a Tech2 diver, Gareth's ideal dive would be a 30 metre wreck dive in the UK as he is never happier than maxing out the bottom time on a shallow wreck

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Imogen Burrows


Imogen Burrows

GUE Instructor Intern

Imogen found GUE in 2008, shortly after meeting Gareth. She undertook the Fundamentals class in 2010 and obtained her Tech1 certification in 2011. She also will undertake the Cave1 class in September this year and to add further strings to her bow is enrolled on the GUE Fundamentals Instructor Intern programme. Imogen has an eye for detail, and is a superb video diver, missing nothing and debriefing the people we coach with gentle but ruthless accuracy. Imogen enjoys wreck diving, and has dived all around the UK, in addition to Malta, Croatia and South East Asia.

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Neil Powell

GUE Instructor Intern

The diving bug well and truly bit Neil on honeymoon in Mauritius in January 2005. Over the next few years, he dived recreationally largely in the UK but also the Red Sea and Ireland - progressing from newbie diver through to an assistant instructor with PADI. In 2011 he enrolled on the GUE Fundamentals course with Garf; the rest, as they say, is history! Tech1 was taken and passed, and Cave booked for this year. Neil is a GUE Instructor Intern and passionate educator. His big underwater goal over the next few years is to help map out and document some of the South Coast wrecks

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Our Values

We believe in driving the standard of diving education up. We believe diving is a risky sport that can be made safe with sound training. The following organisations are highly regarded by the DiveDIR team and have either supported us in our vision, or we believe are contributing significantly to a safer global diving culture.

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Online, anonymous incident reporting.

Something didn't go to plan on a dive? Learn something from others' errors? Report or Research it at DISMS

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GUE are Educators. Divers. Explorers.

GUE sets the standard others follow for diving education, whilst remaining passionate explorers at heart.

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Hyperbaric expers that regularly save lives

Providing hyperbaric chamber oxygen treatment facilities and medical training for divers. Call +44 (0)1752 209999

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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Heroes that save lives.Click on the link above and go and donate. They depend on us, and we depend on them