Coaching Costs

Bespoke coaching is by far and away the most effective way to learn, because it means I can discuss your specific requirements in advance and build a day to suit your needs. Whatever your needs, we can put together a coaching plan to suit you. Don’t forget you can always get together with some like-minded souls for small group training. Not only is it more realistic - after all you don't dive alone - but also more cost effective as the price is discounted for small groups. Prices quoted are for the instructor's time only. You will need to pay for your own gas; boat fees/site entrance plus food and drink during the day.

1-to-1 Day

£175 - A full day of intensive, individual tuition, designed to focus on the areas highlighted by you. Includes video feedback of your dives.

1-to-1 Weekend

£300 - Bespoke, individual tuition over a complete weekend. Enables more time for dry sessions as well as maximising in water time. Includes video feedback.

Team Day

£360  for 3 diver teams.  £300  for 2 divers.  We believe there is no form of diving as safe or enjoyable as that experienced within a closely knit, well trained team.

Sample image1
Learning how to handle an out of gas


Sample image2
Practice reaching those valves!


Sample image3
Learning to back kick


Our "Value For Money" Commitment

We will ask for payment of the balance on the day, and if you genuinely believe you have not had value for money, then you can pay us what you think we have earned.  People generally believe our coaching is the best value diving education they have ever experienced, but this is our commitment to ensuring you get the most out of your day.  Obviously we the right to remove this offer if it is abused!

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  • Gareth coached me to the point that I finally believed I wasn't going to actually kill myself under water!
  • I've had both GUE training and individual coaching from Garf and Imogen. Faultless, the pair of them. Professional, patient top class divers and educators. Sign up, you won't regret it.
  • You both helped me so much - not just in terms of making me an AWESOME diver....I am now able to pursue my love and passion of underwater photography
  • I found Gareth an extremely passionate instructor - his attention to detail was simply awe inspiring.
  • I have had the pleasure of taking both GUE fundamentals and individual coaching with Gareth...The transformation in my diving, particularly management of ascents, has been incredible
  • Gareths patience, passion, energy and 'third all seeing eye' is absolutely key to creating some very competent and happy divers.