Coaching provides an environment where specific issues or skills can be addressed at a pace to suit the individual. It can also be done 1 to 1, which delivers a very rewarding experience. We have coached many divers over the past few years, with backgrounds as diverse as open water graduates to technical instructor trainers. People chose to be coached for a single day, a full weekend and sometimes it's been a day now and again allowing time to consolidate and build on what they learnt previously. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting coaching and these are some common ones.


Buoyancy is a skill that we should never cease to work at. By helping you improve your buoyancy control, together we can take the stress away from ascents and holding safety or decompression stops.


Maybe there's a problem with one skill specifically, or perhaps you had a scare in the water for another reason. We'll use techniques that build confidence in the water to rekindle your love of diving.


The shutdown, or valve drill, is the culmination of factors in and out of the water. We can look at every aspect that might be causing you to struggle: from equipment to trim and technique.  

Sample image1
Learning how to handle an out of gas


Sample image2
Practice reaching those valves!


Sample image3
Learning to back kick


What's coaching all about then

We know divers often feel anxious during a particular stage of a dive. Many people realise that while they are swimming along a reef or wreck, instead of enjoying the moment, they are distracted by some aspect of their diving. Maybe you are concerned about your gas consumption. Maybe it's about putting up the SMB. Maybe you’re concerned about having to do a midwater ascent. Whatever the cause for concern, one thing is sure, you won’t be enjoying the dive as much as you could be. Of course, some divers just want the opportunity to spend the day with an instructor who will develop one aspect of their diving; for example, mastering buoyancy skills or developing better team communications to prevent diver separation.

Coaching days give you the opportunity for bespoke training, one-on-one or as part of your team. You tell us what you want from your day and we will do our best to tailor your coaching to help you get there. DiveDIR coaching includes video feedback - you are filmed during each dive and the video is used as a tool to improve your techniques for the next dive.

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Our "Value For Money" Commitment

We will ask for payment of the balance on the day, and if you genuinely believe you have not had value for money, then you can pay us what you think we have earned.  People generally believe our coaching is the best value diving education they have ever experienced, but this is our commitment to ensuring you get the most out of your day.  Obviously we the right to remove this offer if it is abused!

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  • Gareth coached me to the point that I finally believed I wasn't going to actually kill myself under water!
  • I've had both GUE training and individual coaching from Garf and Imogen. Faultless, the pair of them. Professional, patient top class divers and educators. Sign up, you won't regret it.
  • You both helped me so much - not just in terms of making me an AWESOME diver....I am now able to pursue my love and passion of underwater photography
  • I found Gareth an extremely passionate instructor - his attention to detail was simply awe inspiring.
  • I have had the pleasure of taking both GUE fundamentals and individual coaching with Gareth...The transformation in my diving, particularly management of ascents, has been incredible
  • Gareths patience, passion, energy and 'third all seeing eye' is absolutely key to creating some very competent and happy divers.