Book Your GUE Course

There are two stages to registering for a GUE course: firstly, have a chat with us; and then if you're happy you want sign up for the relevant class, register with GUE. We've written a few words to give you an idea of what is needed at each stage.

Have a chat with us first.

Before anything, you need to give us a call. We will talk to you about;

  • Your dive history
  • Your training history
  • Your training needs
  • Your equipment

From this conversation we can advise you on whether GUE has the right course for you and the best times and locations at which to do the course. Based on the conversation we can also decide which course to slot you into, so that you train with a team we think you will have a good laugh with, as well as learn together. 

At that point we can agree dates, and we will set up the course on the GUE website if it does not yet exist.

Registering with GUE

Following this discussion, you need to register with GUE. Whenever you sign up to a class, GUE require you to fill out a large form online which will examine your medical state and history, dive history, and a detailed questionnaire about your equipment.

You will also be required to pay an administration fee directly to GUE, which covers the processing of the result of your course, as well as giving you access to the electronic course materials and background reading. 


What happens next?

Once you have registered with GUE, your place on the course is ensured. We will send you an information pack at this point containing information about the course: where and when to turn up; what to bring with you; what to expect; and payment details for the course. After that it's up to you. The more time you dedicate to background reading and familiarising yourself with the course materials, the easier a time you will have on the first day.