We'll help you remember why you started scuba diving.

We coach people to make diving effortless, freeing them up to enjoy their diving the way they imagined they would when they first imagined being underwater. 

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The next fundies course with available places is now February 2015

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Who we are and what we do

A small, passionate, & friendly  team.

We make better divers. Fix buoyancy. Get people flat in the water. Take the stress out of ascents and the drama out of diving. Make your gas last longer and your dives more enjoyable. We Make you look good. We make you awesome. Whether you are a new diver, or a highly seasoned instructor, we can help you.

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Who are GUE?

Founded by divers who push boundaries in exploration, underwater research & diver education; GUE created the first global diving club. We simply shake hands and go diving.

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Educational articles, kit reviews & more!

When we're not diving, we strive to add to our resource database. Articles on diving theory; advice on kit choices; reviews of new equipment are available, as well as practical challenges for you to use as training aids.

Diving Theory

Want to know more about the theory of decompression? How about ratio deco? Would you like tips on correct weighting? Find that all and more in this section. show me

Equipment Articles

Ever wondered which dive timer to buy? Ladies, do you want to know the ins and outs about p-valves but were afraid to ask? We'll give you our honest opinions.  show me

Skills Articles

Brave enough to rise to our challenges? We've written practical articles with step to step guides on how to master each skill so you can get the best from your diving. show me

  • Gareth coached me to the point that I finally believed I wasn't going to actually kill myself under water!
  • I've had both GUE training and individual coaching from Garf and Imogen. Faultless, the pair of them. Professional, patient top class divers and educators. Sign up, you won't regret it.
  • You both helped me so much - not just in terms of making me an AWESOME diver....I am now able to pursue my love and passion of underwater photography
  • I found Gareth an extremely passionate instructor - his attention to detail was simply awe inspiring.
  • I have had the pleasure of taking both GUE fundamentals and individual coaching with Gareth...The transformation in my diving, particularly management of ascents, has been incredible
  • Gareths patience, passion, energy and 'third all seeing eye' is absolutely key to creating some very competent and happy divers.