GUE Equipment List

GUE is renowned for its standardisation of equipment, as well as the actual procedures that we use. 

Regardless of where you enter the GUE curriculum the equipment we use is scalable: whether it be from the outset of your diving career during Rec 1 or pushing the boundaries in exploration. 

Because many divers we educate are new to training with GUE we've created an article containing lists of equipment you will need; as well as helpful reminders so you don't forget anything for your course. 

Remember that you do not need to purchase equipment for training with us. We have plenty of spares and can always rent stuff to you. In addition the GUE community in the UK is just incredible in it's generosity. There are always people ready to lend you equipment and due to the fact that we all use similar equipment, anything you borrow will be very familiar and comfortable!

We like you to be relaxed both in and out of the water, as this definitely enhances your ability to learn. Use our checklist when packing up for your course or training day - so push the easy button.



Book Your GUE Course

There are two stages to registering for a GUE course: firstly, have a chat with us; and then if you're happy you want sign up for the relevant class, register with GUE. We've written a few words to give you an idea of what is needed at each stage.

Have a chat with us first.

Before anything, you need to give us a call. We will talk to you about;

  • Your dive history
  • Your training history
  • Your training needs
  • Your equipment

From this conversation we can advise you on whether GUE has the right course for you and the best times and locations at which to do the course. Based on the conversation we can also decide which course to slot you into, so that you train with a team we think you will have a good laugh with, as well as learn together. 

At that point we can agree dates, and we will set up the course on the GUE website if it does not yet exist.


Fundies - What's all about?

The following questions are the most common ones we get asked by people who are interested in the class:

  • What is GUE Fundamentals?
  • What do I get out of Fundies?
  • Am I ready?
  • How do I prepare?

Fundamentals is the most popular course run by GUE, and our favourite course to teach. It is open to any qualified diver, and we frequently see everyone from new divers with 25 dives, to instructor trainers with thousands of dives. Whether you are a recently qualified diver, or a trimix diver with thousands of dives, the course has something to offer you and you will certainly be a stronger diver having done it. 

Having said that, GUE Fundamentals isn't right for every diver and that's why we like to have a good chat with you first. I promise you that if we do not believe Fundamentals will help you clarify where you are going with your diving, rather than talk you into it, we will suggest a few other people you could talk to. We're in the business of making better, safer divers who have fun. Without the fun element, what's the point!



How Much Is Fundamentals?

How much does GUE Fundamentals cost? There are two elements to the course fees. Firstly, there is an administrative fee payable to GUE and then you can choose the best payment option for you from one of our pricing plans. Put the two together and you have your total fees.

GUE Registration Fee + DiveDIR Pricing Plan = Total Course Fees


Preparing for Fundamentals

Are you ready for fundamentals?

Really, there is not that much it. You really want to be using GUE compliant equipment, and be comfortable in it.